We are beginning to see buzz around the idea of Process Aware Cloud Infrastructure, from academic articles such as W.M.P. van der Aalst’s recent publication: “Business Process Configuration in The Cloud: How to Support and Analyze Multi-Tenant Processes to selected vendor presentations including RedHat’s recent presentation on The Intelligent Cloud Application Infrastructure.

These and other publications on the topic point the way to an inevitable outcome of Cloud based IT, a necessary shift in emphasis from supporting and managing IT infrastructure, to business process change and managing business process change.  This driven by a shift in the way users consume IT:

     Source:  Redhat
The primary enablement for this change as Redhat points out, is through both open API’s that allow for ease of interconnection between services and a consistent process enabled taxonomy.  We do see initiatives in the industry toward consistent taxonomies (ITIL and etc), but we have yet to see an effective, open, process enabled taxonomy that will allow the easy interconnection of the Cloud Stack directly to higher level enterprise business processes.  That is with the exception of those offered withing the walled gardens of vendors such as Microsoft, Saleforce, Infosys and others.
It’s a complicated challenge to solve, and perhaps it is something the open market will create, rather than something that will be driven by industry coalitions and/or a dominant industry player.  But it seems to be a significant need in the emerging Cloud environment.  We will continue to watch this topic. 
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